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14 Feb 2018 06:06

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"Normally the credit card bills come in some time right here in January and that is when everybody goes 'Wow, I did not know I spent that much cash,'" she told CBC guest host of B.C. Almanac Renee Filippone. Some of Canada's ideal writers have added their own stories to the Hyperlocal web site, and the National Film Board has turned those stories into interactive We have quick ice nowadays," Philippe Melun, sport and guest services supervisor at the Whistler Sliding Center, stated not too long ago as his staff handed out helmets. The center was house to bobsleigh, luge and skeleton events throughout the Winter Olympics. Now you can attempt a sport you have often wondered about: skeleton, a facedown, headfirst rocket ride on the final third of the fastest track in the globe." Participants attain speeds of a lot more than 60 miles an hour in the 20-second ride, then, addicted to the speed, strip off clothes to beat their time on the second try (169 Canadian dollars, $150, at 1.10 Canadian to the U.S. dollar reservations advisable).This week, Nexen shareholders voted to approve a $15 billion takeover bid by the China National Offshore Oil Organization. For his thoughts on the proposed takeover, Rebecca talked to Charles Burton. He's a a professor of political science at Brock University and a former counsellor at the Canadian embassy in Beijing.By the time Harding finished a two-game conditioning stint with Minnesota's A.H. If you have any kind of questions regarding where and the best ways to utilize talking to (, you could contact us at our own website. L. farm team in Houston, the Wild had been fighting to make the playoffs. Yeo leaned on Backstrom and turned to Harding only when, final Friday, a two-period mop-up job in a 6-1 loss to Edmonton. Harding gave up three ambitions on his initial six shots just before finishing with a scoreless third period.Canada's Inuit and Very first Nation tribes have longstanding artistic traditions. The most dynamic are the Haida, whose soaring, skilfully-carved totem poles Click The Next web page are part art form, component story telling. Modern day artists, such as the late Bill Reid, attract international acclaim. But to understand the art and meet the artists, check out Haida Gwaii. These dreamily lovely islands off the British Columbia coast are a planet all of their personal, with majestic spruce and cedar, bald eagles and tiny golden-crowned kinglets. Romantic yet sensible is exploring under sail.A couple of days later, soon after Mum's private funeral Mass, Pup and I busied ourselves a single afternoon by going through her papers. She lost all interest in deskwork throughout the six or seven months of her invalidity. We identified unpaid grocery bills, credit-card bills, undistributed money for employees Christmas suggestions uncashed checks unopened letters, including, I saw to my disconcertment, a quantity from me. This was neither carelessness nor any failure of affection on her portion, but rather worry, and realizing it created me wince in self-rebuke.The Province, 1 of the two key everyday papers in British Columbia, is published by Pacific Newspaper Group, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. The Maritime Provinces - Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Island Edward (PEI) - are gentler and offer pastoral or forested countryside and excellent seascapes, along with fine seafood and strings of fairly coastal villages. Most men and women head for Nova Scotia ( ), where the very best targets are Halifax - a good base - the historic town of Lunenburg, and Cape Breton Island (drive the Cabot Trail for the greatest scenery). New Brunswick ( ) is often overlooked, but any driving itinerary ought to take in the majestic scenery on the Bay of Fundy among Moncton and Saint John. On PEI ( ) head for the glorious beaches of Prince Edward Island National Park and devote a couple of days in Charlottetown, the province's leafy capital.Some remain-at-residence moms are trading in their aprons for screwdrivers and hammers. The females are portion of a 12-week training course at Okanagan College. It's named the Women's Trades Training Initiative. The females are learning about almost everything from carpentry to plumbing to drywalling. This week, the Vernon class is in Kelowna, receiving a taste of the culinary arts plan. Rebecca caught up with one of the participants to uncover out why she's taking into consideration the In the court papers, police describe a household where the property-schooled twins had been isolated from loved ones members, restricted from touching their parents or siblings and prohibited from using the typical consuming utensils. Click on the hyperlink under to hear Dave speak with organizers Dominic Bradford and Brian Fidler.This week we meet Jennifer Nelson of Prince Rupert. She and her partner are selling their 14-guest floating fishing resort. It's referred to as Haa Nee Naa Lodge and it is on the shores of Dundas Island, northwest of Prince Rupert. Jennifer and her companion opened it a lot more than 20 years ago. Here is Rebecca's conversation with Jennifer.

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